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20/08/2020 - 19:54

Long An People's Committee requests to strengthen Bluezone apps installation

On August 19, the Long An People's Committee issued Official Letter No. 5008/UBND-VHXH requesting heads of provincial departments, committees, branches and unions; Chairpersons of People's Committees of districts, town and city to strengthen solutions to install Bluezone apps in the province.

Interface of Bluezone apps

Interface of Bluezone apps 

Following the direction of the Prime Minister in Notice No. 272/TB-VPCP dated August 3, 2020 and the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications in Official Letter No. 2841/BTTTT-TTH of August 1, 2020, The Provincial People's Committee issued Official Letter No. 4559/UBND-VHXH dated August 3, 2020 requesting provincial departments, committees, and People's Committees of districts, town and city to drastically deploy propaganda to install Bluezone apps to prevent, fight against  Covid-19 epidemic. However, the Department of Information and Communications reported that 197,011 people had installed Bluezone apps in the province as of August 15, 2020 (accounting for 11.09 percent of the population), that does not reach the set target (60 percent).

In order to increase the number of Bluezone users in the province, contribute to improving the effectiveness of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, the Provincial People's Committee requested provincial departments, committees and branches; People's Committees of districts, town and city to continue to drastically implement propaganda solutions to install Bluezone apps according to Official Letter No. 4559/UBND-VHXH dated August 3, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee.

Heads of branches and levels monitor, regularly direct, perform post-check, and accurately report the number of people who install Bluezone apps in their localities or units. They focus on solutions to create and expand propaganda groups, support installation on social networks (such as Zalo, Facebook) for cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees, people under their management.

The People's Committee of the district and the commune People's Committee have accelerated the implementation of Bluezone apps directly to local people under the direction of the Provincial People's Committee in Official Letter No. 4937/UBND-VHXH dated August 17, 2020.

In addition to the measures taken in the past, all people are required to be isolated (concentrated, at home) and those people must do Covid-19 test in the above Bluezone settings on their phone; suggest businesses to buy, sell and repair phones, accommodation, dining, entertainment facilities, and so on to install Bluezone apps for customers.

Office of the delegation of the Provincial National Assembly, People's Council and People's Committee; The People's Committees of districts, town and city direct civil servants and employees at the Public Administration Service Center and the District Public Administration Center, the communal departments receiving and returning dossiers to implement the instructions, support for installation, ensure that 100 percent people using smartphones must install Bluezone apps when they come to make transactions.

The Department of Planning and Investment, the Department of Industry and Trade, and the Economic Zone Authority require businesses in industrial zones and clusters to post installation instructions for using Bluezone apps, assign staff to directly guide the installation to each employee; propagate to each workshop, line, production department with appropriate methods; promptly update the installation quantity and rate reports to state management agencies. The business owners have responsibility to ensure that all employees complete the installation of Bluezone apps and guide the installation for relatives and those around them.

The Department of Information and Communications directs postal and telecommunications businesses to actively build plans, coordinate with agencies, mass organizations and local authorities to establish teams/groups to implement to install Bluezone apps directly to people in each commune, ward, neighborhood, hospital, crowded place; thoroughly organize all employees to recommend, guide and support the installation of Bluezone apps for all of their customers when delivering and collecting postal parcels at customers' addresses and arrival customers for transactions at post offices; consulting, selling, installing, repairing at customers' addresses or at telecommunications transaction sites; promptly synthesize and update the report on the quantity and installed rate for state management agencies.

Provincial Tax Department, Provincial State Treasury, Provincial Social Insurance, State Bank of Vietnam - Long An Branch directs and organizes sub-units to implement recommendations, guidance and support for installing Bluezone apps for all citizens using smartphones when they come to work or transact. They direct and deploy to the entire credit and banking system in the province to implement this work.

The Provincial People's Committee proposed the Fatherland Front and provincial unions to continue leading agencies and units in the system to coordinate closely with all branches and levels to promote propaganda, advocacy and organization for union members, install members and guide, support installation of Bluezone apps for people. Special attention is given to implement solutions to create and expand propaganda groups to install Bluezone apps on social networks (such as Zalo, Facebook) for union members and association members. Youth Union at all levels organizes youth volunteering teams to coordinate with local authorities to directly install Bluezone apps for people./.

By T.H – Translated by Duc Tam