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17/08/2020 - 16:01

New direction found to restart production and business

The Covid-19 epidemic has a significant impact on production and business activities of the economy in general and enterprises in particular. But in the opposite direction, the difficulties caused by the epidemic inspired the spirit of enterprises, cooperation and difficult sharing.

18W border-plating ceiling lights are designed and manufactured by Sang Viet Production and Trade Joint Stock Company

18W border-plating ceiling lights are designed and manufactured by Sang Viet Production and Trade Joint Stock Company

The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic caused many broken production and supply chains, which faced many difficulties for enterprises. However, many businesses find new directions to adapt and develop due to the effects of epidemics and a breakdown of the supply chain. This is also a very good opportunity for businesses to restore production and trade.

Sang Viet Production and Trade Joint Stock Company (Long Hiep commune, Ben Luc district) is one of the leading brands in the field of lighting equipment. All products are manufactured on modern technological lines. Like many other businesses, epidemics happened to make the company face many difficulties, it is difficult to consume goods. In April and May, goods sold out slowly, but the production has not completely recovered, the market signal has progressed better at this time. Ms. Pham Thi Kim Yen - company manager, said: “Goods produced at the company in the first 7 months of 2020 decreased 20 percent compared to the same period in 2019. At this time, the company recovered 80 percent  of production compared to the set target of the year”.

Ms. Kim Yen shared that the company has always made efforts to invest, build infrastructure, purchase new machines and equipment to modernize production and improve product quality over the past time. The company's goal is to improve and develop product quality, ensure electrical safety and satisfy lighting technical requirements in civil and industrial construction for customers.

During the time when the work is not much due to the impact of the epidemic, the staff of the company has focused on researching new products to serve the market. These are 18W border-plating ceiling lights, sola street lights and sola headlights. Currently, these 3 new products are very well received by the market in Vietnam.

Hoa Thanh Long An One Member Limited Liability Company (Ben Luc District) specializes in the production of handicrafts for the domestic market and for export. If the company encountered many difficulties in April and May because most of the previous orders were canceled by customers or requested to delay export, the company has presently recovered the production. Accordingly, people in European countries start to return to a new normal life after the epidemic, so goods are also consumed again. As a result, all customers that had made orders before the epidemic have not been released yet and are currently shipped, the products that customers requested to stop production are now starting to produce again. In particular, the company has received many new orders as well as cooperating with new customers.

Director of the company - Vo Thanh Tu shared, all production jobs in the company have gone into stability with a new exciting spirit at this point. More and more orders, the company is recruiting 20-30 workers to meet the needs of customers. Disease occurred, businesses faced many difficulties, but this is a very good opportunity to promote the development of manufacturing businesses because many customers from Europe divert their orders from Vietnam instead of other countries as before.

In addition, many companies take advantage of the opportunity to find domestic raw materials with competitive prices but the quality has not changed. From there, businesses can reduce input costs, reduce input material dependence in a market. In addition to taking advantage of this opportunity, Hoa Thanh Long An Company also consolidates the workforce staff manufacturing facilities in the Mekong Delta region. Currently, the company strives to support satellite capital facilities to train jobs for workers, purchase raw materials for reserve, expand warehouse to serve production.

The provincial interdisciplinary delegation has a survey on business activities in June and it is forecasted that some enterprises have shown signs of better recovery from the effects of the epidemic by the end of 2020. In particular, enterprises in the textile and garment industry forecast that after September 2020 onwards can recover 60 percent compared to before, cashew processing enterprises are forecasted to increase by 24 percent, packaging manufacturers are forecasted to increase by 10 percent, seafood food-processing companies are forecasted to increase by 4 percent, and seafood processing companies are forecast to increase 2 percent./.

By Gia Han – Translated by Duc Tam