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29/04/2020 - 15:42

Vingroup completes design of two ventilator models for COVID-19 treatment

Vingroup has announced it has completed the design and is preparing to introduce to the market two invasive ventilator models that adhere strictly to international standards while achieving a significantly high localization rate in design and manufacture.

A Vsmart VFS-410 ventilator model (Photo courtesy Vingroup)

A Vsmart VFS-410 ventilator model (Photo courtesy Vingroup)

It took just three weeks for Vingroup engineers (Vinfast and Vinsmart) to complete the manufacturing of the two models – VFS-410 and VFS-510 – with the strong support of relevant ministries, domestic and foreign health experts and Medtronic as Vingroup’s US-based partner.

Despite being developed based on the original community-shared design by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Vsmart VFS-410 is a “made in Vietnam” product that is manufactured and completed entirely by the Vingroup ecosystem.

Vingroup's engineering team designed the entire operating principle for VFS-410 ventilator and produced its circuit boards, mechanical components besides software and design development to enable it to have features comparable to high-end portable invasive ventilators on the market.

Due to the global scarcity of materials for ventilator production, Vingroup has actively researched to address the situation by self-producing or localizing up to 70 percent of its ventilator components including extremely important and modern components such as blower, boards (PCBA controller, power), keyboard, display, battery and case.

These ventilators will continue to be tested by leading hospitals and experts in Vietnam and will be evaluated by the Medical Council of all levels to ensure compliance with pre-circulation regulations to support COVID-19 prevention and control.

It is expected that the first batch of ventilators will be available on the market on May 15./.