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15/08/2023 - 16:23

Attracting enterprises to invest in agriculture

The number of enterprises investing in Long An agriculture is still limited. Therefore, it is necessary to have more breakthrough mechanisms and policies to encourage and attract enterprises to invest in, towards the goal of green, modern and sustainable agriculture.

Enterprises investing in agriculture is not commensurate with the potential

From the starting point of being a purely agricultural province, Long An has made a breakthrough in the process of industrialization and has developed relatively well. The economic structure of the province has clearly changed, from agriculture - commerce, services - industry to industry - urban, commerce, service - agriculture.

The attraction of enterprises to invest in agriculture in the province is still limited, not commensurate with the potential

In the process of development, the province has always identified agriculture as the "pillar" of the economy. Provincial leaders have focused on leading, directing strongly, drastically and synchronously on solutions to effectively implement the High-tech Agricultural Development Program in association with the restructuring of the Agriculture sector.

This creates a breakthrough in the province's agricultural production, gradually standardizing the raw material area, forming value chains in the production, processing and consumption of clean and safe agricultural products, meeting market's requirements.

Therefore, over the past time, the agricultural sector has experienced remarkable growth. Many key products of the province such as bananas, lemons, dragon fruit, rice, etc have been present in many markets around the world, and even in fastidious markets such as the US, Australia, Europe, Korea, Japan, etc.

The Agriculture sector has promoted its strengths, gradually affirming its position in the province's economy. However, the big problem is that the quality, value and output of products are not commensurate with potential, and the competitiveness in the market, especially the world market, is still limited.

Some agricultural goods and commodities of the province can reach out to the world, but the quantity is not much. Farmers are still struggling with the story of good crop, low value and sometimes even bad crop, low value. Participation as well as attracting enterprises to invest in the agricultural sector is still facing many difficulties, the number is quite modest because there are no mechanisms and policies that are attractive enough to limit risks for enterprises to pour money in.

According to Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut, the province's agricultural investment attraction has seen development, however, the growth is not sustainable and depends on traditional inputs such as labor, capital, materials, and natural resources. This is the difficulty of not only the province but also of the Mekong Delta.

To attract enterprises to invest in agriculture

The participation of enterprises in agriculture is extremely important. However, to invest in sustainable agriculture, it is necessary to have more breakthrough mechanisms and policies.

Many key agricultural products of the province have been present in fastidious markets such as the US, Australia, Europe, Japan, etc

As a farmer and businessman with many years of enthusiasm, participating directly in investment, production, looking for output, the representative of Huy Long An-My Binh Co. Ltd (Duc Hue district) - Vo Quan Huy suggested that in formulating mechanisms and policies for agricultural development, it is necessary to pay attention to the interests of small farmers; help them to have a more prosperous life so that they can pursue and live with their profession; look for stable investments (using materials to pay via banks, credit institutions,...); encourage enterprises to use high technology in the direction of reducing emissions, building rotational and concentrated ares with quality cultivation to compete in the market. The State needs to have more breakthrough mechanisms and policies to encourage and reduce risks for enterprises to invest in agriculture.

“On the basis of the industrial development orientation of the Mekong Delta region and the Government's strategy to develop mechanization of agriculture, agro-forestry and fishery by 2030, the province continues to research and develop the orientation to develop the agricultural product processing industry in accordance with the potential and strengths of in the provincial planning; identify motivational projects to attract investment resources from domestic and foreign enterprises.

Through a number of programs, activities and forums on the agricultural sector solely or jointly organized by the province, the agricultural sector suggested to research and propose solutions, breakthrough mechanisms and policies to promote, encouraging enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas, successfully accessing potential markets, connecting supply and demand, improving product value, creating a breakthrough for sustainable agricultural development" - Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut informed./.

By Chau Son - Translated by Q. Thien