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07/11/2020 - 22:37

Building Tan An city to become friendly, civilized and modern

Tan An city of Long An province has strong changes, it brings the imprint of a young, friendly, civilized and modern city. This is also the highlight and expectation in this term.

Tan An city is viewed from above (Photo: Thanh Nga)

Tan An city is viewed from above (Photo: Thanh Nga)

The milestones of Tan An Urban

Referring to Tan An City, Ms. Ly (living in Ward 3) has not forgotten the red stone roads stretching through wards 3, 6, 7, etc. At that time, it was the center of the province but Tan An city hasn't developed much yet. 10 years passed, Tan An city is as to "put" on itself "new shirt" with modern features and full of vitality.

According to Ms. Ly, the biggest milestone of Tan An city is the relatively methodical investment in the transport system with the architectural highlights of the city. That is the embankment system along Huynh Van Nhut, Tran Van Nam to the Provincial General Hospital, Ward 2 Park, Hung Vuong Street, National Highway (NH) 1, Tan An City bypass, and so on along with the strong development of new urban areas in Ward 6.

Ms. Ly said: “The past 10 years have been an outstanding development of Tan An City. From essential services to shopping, amusement, entertainment, and so on are present in Tan An, that meet the people’s needs. I hope that Tan An city will continue to make strong changes to become a civilized and modern city in 10 years later”.

Park of Ward 2 - one of the highlights of Tan An city

Park of Ward 2 - one of the highlights of Tan An city

2 years ago, the Park area of Ward 2 was just rows of hut located next to the Vam Co Tay river. With the determination of the whole political system, the consensus of the people, the park has now become one of the highlights of Tan An city, bringing a comfortable space for people every afternoon.

According to Chairman of Tan An City People's Committee - Nguyen Quang Thai, Ward 2 Park has been upgraded with a system of sidewalks and trees along the inner city roads. In addition, the upgrade of the bypass of Tan An city, NH1, the highlights in the rotation with many office buildings, and so on has created a dynamic and developing new urban image. In particular, the city has focused on maximum resources, particularly in the period 2016-2020, has mobilized 5,830 billion VND to focus on urban development. This is also the basis for Tan An City from a grade-III urban center (2009) to become a grade-II city (in 2019).

Tan An city has made progress in urban development, but in fact, Tan An city has a relatively small scale compared to other urban areas in the region. That is also the concern of the city government. Mr. Nguyen Quang Thai said that in order to upgrade and develop urban areas, in addition to concentrating investment resources, it is necessary to expand the administrative boundaries and plan new urban areas to attract people.

“Fortunately in the past term, the Provincial Party Committee has identified the Ring Road of Tan An City as a key project and up to now, this work has been gradually deployed and implemented. Looking at an overview, this work will contribute to promoting the socio-economic development of Tan An city in particular and Long An province in general after it is completed, creating a continuous traffic axis to connect the existing urban center of the city with urban areas in the North and the South (it is expected to be deployed); at the same time, it forms the driving force connecting the Dong Thap Muoi region of the province with the southern districts of the province. In addition, this route is also expected to create a connection for goods circulation, promote the development of commerce and services, increase the land area for traffic, contribute to complete technical infrastructure so that the city meets the traffic criteria, increases the density of trees, attracts urban residents of grade-I urban areas” - Mr. Nguyen Quang Thai added.

Concentrating the investment resources

Over the past 10 years, the province's economy has witnessed strong development and has risen to the top position of the Mekong River Delta region. However, Tan An city - the capital of the province has not really developed to match its position and potential and is still behind urban areas in the region and other cities in the Southeast.

Sharing at the press conference after the eleventh Provincial Party Committee's Congress, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee - Nguyen Van Duoc confirmed that the causes are many, both objective and subjective. Tan An under the French colonial period and during the war against the US was not interested in urban development, only considered as a garrison, so services were less developed, urban was not expanded. Later, although it was the gateway to the West connecting Ho Chi Minh City, but also because the distance from Ho Chi Minh City was too close, and it was adjacent to My Tho city, Tan An competed with difficulty in developing service industries and commerce. Up to now, the province's economy has risen to the top of the Mekong River Delta, so the investment in developing Tan An city to become a worthy city in the region is one of the tasks that will be implemented in the near future.

The embankment of Ring Canal creates a new face for ward 3, ward 7

The embankment of the Ring Canal creates a new face for ward 3, ward 7

To achieve the goal of building Tan An city as a worthy city of the leading province in the Mekong River Delta, the Party Congress of Tan An City for the term 2020-2025 also determines the Program of Mobilizing All Resources to build and develop Tan An city basically reach grade-I urban standards by 2025 towards a friendly, civilized and modern city, becoming one of the two breakthrough programs in the term.

According to Chairman of People's Committee of Tan An City - Nguyen Quang Thai, the city has focused on attracting investment resources for urban development, building technical infrastructure, embellishing and upgrading urban areas for many years. However, Tan An city only achieved 71.56  out of 100 points and 12 out of 59 criteria did not meet the minimum score, not enough standard points compared to the criteria of the grade-I city.

“In order to basically meet the criteria of grade-I cities, the demand for investment resources for development is huge, up to about 17,000-18,000 billion VND. In particular, the city will focus on investing in 19 major projects such as the project on the embankment of Bao Dinh river, the section from Bao Dinh sewer to Vo Van Mon street; the project against flooding in the inner city; upgrading and renovating sidewalks in the inner city area; operating center for intelligent urban; widening the intersection of NH62 - Hung Vuong; renovating and upgrading Park of ward 2, phase 2, extended Hung Vuong road, the section from ward 3 to Binh Tam, the embankment of Vam Co Tay river, the section of ward 1, ward 2, ward 3, ward 6 and Loi Binh Nhon commune, etc. These projects are expected to create a new face for Tan An city - a friendly, civilized and modern city when they are completed”- Chairman of Tan An City People's Committee - Nguyen Quang Thai added./.

By Kien Dinh – Translated by Duc Tam