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04/09/2019 - 20:09

Delegation of Long An province works in Japan

On September 3, Vice Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Pham Tan Hoa and leaders of some departments, branches and businesses in the province visited and worked with the Labor Management Union of Bungotakada city, Oita prefecture, Japan.

At the meeting

Bungotakada Mayor - Toshio Sasaki, leader of the city's Labor Management Division, Bungotakada International Contribution Union received the delegation.

At the meeting, the Head of the Labor Management Division of Bungotakada city - Mochiyama Kouta introduced an overview of the city. Bungotakada is a city in Oita prefecture, with a population of about 23,000 citizens. The number of people of working age is declining because young people tend to move to live and work in major economic centers such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, etc.

Recently, the city has policies to attract workers from other countries to live and work here. Of the more than 480 international workers working at factories in Bungotakada city, more than 50% are Vietnamese.

According to Mr. Mochiyama Kouta, Vietnamese workers have good skills, hard work and good labor discipline.

Delegation of Long An province and the Mayor of Bungotakada city

Head of Labor Management Union of Bungotakada city - Tsuzuki Takashi, the union is a pioneering model of cooperation between labor management union and authority in Japan. The union was established with the aim of preventing the local economic downturn due to labor shortage by promoting the use of foreign technical workers. The economic characteristic of Bungotakada city is the assembly of automobile components - a labor-intensive industry. Therefore, the cooperation between the union and the city authority will bring many benefits, including foreign workers. In the coming time, Bungotakada city still needs about 1,000 international workers. In the future, the company wants to connect Long An province and Bungotakada city in sending skilled workers from Long An province to work in Bungotakada city.

Vice Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Pham Tan Hoa also introduced general information about the province, especially the strengths of labor resources. Accordingly, the population of Long An is nearly 1.7 million people with more than 900,000 people of working age. The province also has 24 vocational training establishments with more than 560 experienced teachers.

Currently, Long An is developing a labor export project to send workers of the province to work and study abroad, then return to work in factories in the province's industrial parks and clusters. In which, Japan is the first choice in the province's labor export orientation.

The delegation visits a factory in Bungotakada city

Mr. Pham Tan Hoa said that the two localities have a demand to cooperate in bringing workers from Long An to work in Bungotakada. In the coming time, departments, industries and businesses of both sides continue to discuss in order to seek specific cooperation opportunities on this issue.

At the meeting, Director of Labor Export Training Center of Tracodi Company - Huynh Hao Hiep also introduced about the ability to train and supply Vietnamese workers for Japanese trade unions and enterprises. The company desires to be the bridge between the two localities in sending skilled workers from Long An province to work in Bungotakada city.

After the official working program, the delegation of Long An province surveyed the situation of Vietnamese workers in some mechanical and automobile component assembly enterprises in Bungotakada city.

On the afternoon of September 3, the delegation went to Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture to work with S’tem Company and sign a cooperation agreement on a wastewater treatment trainee program./.

By Quoc Thinh - Translated by Pham Ngan