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15/06/2024 - 20:17

Long An's public investment disbursement rate reachs over 34%

According to the Department of Planning and Investment of Long An province, from the beginning of the year to June 2024, Long An's public investment disbursement rate reached more than 34% of the plan.

Transport projects have a disbursement rate of over 40%.

To date, the total public investment capital allocated by the province is more than 7,800 billion VND. The volume of implementation as of early June was about 2,700 billion VND, reaching 34.18% of the plan. Long An disbursed over 2,660 billion VND, reaching 34.03% of the plan. Of which, the district level managed capital is more than 2,202 billion VND. By the beginning of June, the amount of implementation and disbursement was nearly 770 billion VND, reaching 34.95% of the plan.

The province's managed capital is more than 5,622 billion VND, by the beginning of June, the implemented volume is more than 1,900 billion VND, reaching 33.88% of the plan; Long An disbursed more than 1,893 billion VND, reaching 33.68% of the plan.

The implementation of plans and disbursement of public investment are focused by leaders at all levels. However, this work still has certain difficulties. Among the 27 investors, there are 9 investors disbursing over 40% of the plan, 4 investors disbursing from 30% to 40% of the plan, 14 investors disbursing less than 30% of the plan (7 investors disbursing less than 20% of the plan).

In addition, according to the assessment results of the Ministry of Finance, the province's estimated public investment disbursement rate in 5 months is about 30%. With this result, Long An ranked 10th/63 provinces and cities and ranked 19th/107 investors nationwide./.

By Chau Son - Translated by Q. Thien