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17/03/2019 - 03:40

Long An announces information hotline on African swine fever

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Long An province has just announced a hotline to receive African swine fever (ASF) information.

Famers must be vigilant and report as soon as pigs have unusual symptoms

ASF is a dangerous infectious disease caused by a virus which spreads rapidly among pigs. ASF does not spread to humans. However, it can kill pigs quickly with high death rates (up to 100%) and a vaccine is unavailable.

Long An is the gateway to transport pigs to Mekong Delta’s provinces. Besides, there are 42 slaughterhouses, 11 animal collection places. So, the province is at risk of ASF infection. 

When pigs get sick or die, farmers must isolate and report immediately to local authorities and veterinary agencies, do not sell sick pigs or throw carcasses into the environment.

Up to now, there have not been any cases of ASF in the province yet. However, everyone must be vigilant and report as soon as pigs have any unusual symptoms via the hotline:

- (0272) 38.38.146 

- 0918.700.595 (Deputy Chief of the provincial Division of Livestock, Veterinary and Fisheries - Duong Minh Phi)./.

By Pham Ngan