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02/06/2020 - 16:16

Long An: Towards Party Congress at all levels

Up to now, all over the province have been busy preparing for the Party Congress at all levels, towards the XIth Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025 and the XIIIth National Party Congress.

Tan Thanh is decorated to welcome Party Congress at all levels

Tan Thanh is decorated to welcome Party Congress at all levels

Promoting propaganda activities

Welcoming the party congress at all levels and the 40th anniversary of establishing the district, Tan Thanh deployed many practical works such as the Center for Culture, Information and Radio; Road linking Bang Lang canal; building welcome gate; dredging of Duong Van Duong canal; etc.

In Tan Thanh district, the communes and townlets have many propaganda activities to raise the awareness of cadres, party members and people about the significance and importance of the Congress and the great views, guidelines and orientations that contributes to the unity, consensus on successful congress organization and bringing resolutions to life. At this time, it is easy to catch the image of brightly colored flags, panels, propaganda slogans about the Communist Party at all levels hanging in easy places when traveling on the main roads of the district and communes and townlets in population-crowded areas.

Information from the district Committee of Propaganda and Education, the propaganda about the Party Congress at all levels is divided into several periods including before, during and after Congress. The content focused on propaganda is the meaning, importance, goals and tasks of the Party Congress at all levels; results of leadership and direction of the Party Committees at all levels in the work of building the Party and building the political system; achievements in the fields of socio-economy, defense and security of localities, units, provinces and the country in the past 5 years, etc.

The road along Bang Lang canal is asphalted

The road along Bang Lang canal is asphalted

Meaningful works

In addition to welcoming Party Committees at all levels, Tan Thanh district also established emulation achievements associated with the 40th anniversary of its establishment. Outstanding events are the emulation of infrastructure construction, embellishment of works to welcome the Congress.

Tan Thanh promotes the development of infrastructure systems, especially rural and regional transportation. In particular, the works along Bang Lang canal (Provincial Road 837 - Hai Hat canal) are nearly completed, ensuring travel in the rainy season. Right after receiving the construction, all officials, engineers, construction units are fully aware of their responsibilities and pride when they contribute to constructing a major site to celebrate the district's major political events. Therefore, the unit always overcomes difficulties in weather during the construction process, speeds up the ground clearance to both race on the schedule and still ensure the quality of the project.

Ms. Tran Thi Le Hang - a resident living close to the construction shared: “This project has received the support of people in Tan Lap and Tan Ninh communes. Previously, this road was dust on sunny days and muddy rainy days, it was very difficult for people and students to travel. Now that the road has been widened and asphalt, people are very happy. Transportation not only becomes more convenient but it is also easy to carry goods and agricultural products, then traffic accidents are also reduced. The lives of households on both sides of the road have changed. Business and trade have also grown”.

This road has a length of 10 kilometers, the total construction cost of over 43 billion VND. The road was started in November 2019 with 6-meter road surface, 3-layer paved standard.

According to the Chairman of the district People's Committee - Le Thanh Dong, Tan Thanh district has implemented the construction of works to welcome the Communist Party Committee at all levels and 40 years of district establishment. In particular, the work of the district Cultural, Information and Broadcasting Center with a total investment of nearly 21 billion VND has been completed; Bang Lang canal road, constructing welcome gate, dredging Duong Van Duong canal, etc. Upgrading Residential Area Road 3 with a length of nearly 1kilometer is also one of the welcome works. This project is in the project of Residential Area Road 3 in Tan Thanh townlet and Tan Binh commune (one of the two key projects of term 2020-2025) with a total investment of over 139.3 billion VND.

At the same time, the communes and townlets in the district have also registered to build and complete constructions to welcome Party Congress at the grassroots level, mainly bridges and rural roads. The works selected by the district are urgent to not only create a highlight in socio-economic development but also show the spirit of solidarity and the Party's intention in the people's hearts./.

By Thanh Nga – Translated by Duc Tam