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06/02/2023 - 09:27

Opening of 2023 Lam Chay Festival

On February 5 (15th day of the first lunar month), the Lam Chay Festival officially opened. Attending the opening ceremony were Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the National Assembly Delegation of Long An Province - Nguyen Thanh Hai; Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Minh Lam; Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Pham Tan Hoa; representatives of leaders of Chau Thanh district; a number of departments, branches, other districts and provinces and cities.

Delegates cut the ribbon to open the Lam Chay Festival

The Lam Chay Festival held at Tan Xuan communal house (Tam Vu town, Chau Thanh district) is a traditional festival of local people to pray for national peace and favorable weather. This is also an event to commemorate the heroes and martyrs who died in the two wars of resistance against the French and US to save the country, typically 2 heroes Do Tuong Phong and Do Tuong Tu.

The Lam Chay Festival is a combination of religious, ethnic, folk beliefs and gratitude to heroes and martyrs, creating a festive space with ritual sacrifices combining Buddhism, Taoism and folk beliefs.

Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee - Nguyen Thanh Hai offers incense at the opening ceremony of Lam Chay Festival

During the opening ceremony, delegates burned incense to commemorate heroes and martyrs. Chairman of Chau Thanh District People's Committee - Nguyen Van Khai affirmed that the Lam Chay Festival converges precious human values, imbued with cultural and historical values.

The 2023 Lam Chay Festival is held from February 4 to February 6 (January 14 to 16 of the lunar calendar) with many activities. In addition to the traditional sacrifice rituals, the festival also features folk games, lion dance, Boi singing, etc. Most of the activities in both the ceremony and festival are welcomed by the people, creating a lively atmosphere.

Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee - Nguyen Thanh Hai and delegates burn incense at the grave of Do Tuong Tu

The activity of shoring and burning Ong Tieu at 0 am on the 16th day of first lunar month is the most important and awaited program in the Lam Chay Festival to pray for good luck and favorable things in the new year. After the opening ceremony, there were sacrifices to martyrs according to religious rites. People can freely participate in activities taking place within the framework of the festival./.

By Staffs - Translated by Q. Thien