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24/02/2021 - 17:23

Removing problems, speeding up industrial park infrastructure projects

Long An is adjacent to Ho Chi Minh city, it is the gateway to the southwestern region, it has many advantages and is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

The implementation of An Nhut Tan Industrial Park inTan Tru district has many positive changes

The implementation of An Nhut Tan Industrial Park in Tan Tru district has many positive changes

Information from the Economic Zone Authority (EZA) of the province, there are 16 industrial parks (IPs) in operation with a total planned area of nearly 3,800 hectares, the industrial land area that can be leased is more than 2,650 hectares, the industrial land area for lease is nearly 2,350 hectares, the occupancy rate is 88.4 percent. Thus, the industrial zones in operation now only have more than 300 hectares of clean land eligible land to receive investors.

The whole province has 35 industrial parks approved by the Prime Minister to add to the planning of industrial parks in Vietnam until 2020. In addition to the projects of the newly added industrial parks to the plan, the province has a number of other industrial parks that have a policy of investment and issuing investment certificates; Among them, there are industrial parks with investment policy for many years, even being handed over clean land for construction but so far they have not come into operation.

According to the Head of the Provincial EZA - Nguyen Thanh Thanh, the industrial parks in operation have played a great role in the local socio-economic development. There are 1,635 investment projects in industrial parks with total investment capital of over 4.7 billion USD and more than 92,000 billion VND. Enterprises operating in the industrial parks have contributed nearly 3,900 billion VND to the budget, creating jobs for more than 148,000 workers. Therefore, the province is paying great attention to promoting infrastructure investors to invest in building and completing the planned industrial parks to create favorable conditions to attract investment.

In 2020, the EZA reviews and assesses the actual situation of site clearance and actual infrastructure investment implementation in the industrial parks and the construction plans of investors of industrial parks infrastructure. Then, it advises the Provincial People's Committee to issue a plan to accelerate investment in infrastructure so that there are 3 eligible IPs to receive investors. Implementing the above plan, the province has had 4 industrial park projects commenced, however, due to many reasons, especially due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, up to now, the progress has been slow compared to the plan. Therefore, the related units and localities will focus on solving difficulties, supporting investors to speed up project implementation.

IDICO - Huu Thanh Industrial Park (Duc Hoa district, Long An) has a total area of 524 hectares; including nearly 400 hectares of industrial land for lease. This project has a convenient location in connection with Ho Chi Minh City, Long An International Port, is considered as an ideal destination with many benefits for investors when they develop production and business here. Specifically, to benefit from traffic works - urban expansion from Ho Chi Minh City; easy labor recruitment; easy access to large and dynamic consumer markets, especially for investors operating in the fields of consumer goods production, textile production, garment and footwear; food and food processing; furniture; electricity, household electricity, electronics - information technology; mechanical engineering, etc. Currently, the project investor has completed legal procedures and is speeding up construction investment. Items such as leveling, main roads, internal roads are being implemented synchronously by contractors, wastewater treatment plant is expected to commence right after the Lunar New Year 2021. The investor of the project is IDICO Corporation has also signed the principle contract with a number of businesses on the lease of land in this industrial park.

Director of IDICO Industrial Parks Management Board, IDICO Corporation - Nguyen Vu Minh Hong said: “We are concentrating resources to deploy and implement the project, trying to reach the end of quarter II-2021 will be eligible to continue to receive secondary investors. However, the current difficulty is that there are still problems in site clearance in the project area, and some households have not received compensation money to hand over the site. In which, there are many locations on the planning of roads, this causes difficulties for the construction of main roads, thereby it affects the overall progress of the project. If the site clearance is done well, we will focus resources to invest in construction to meet the proposed plan”.

The Secretary of the District Party Committee and Chairman of the People's Committee of Tan Tru district - Truong Thanh Liem, the An Nhut Tan Industrial Park project is under construction with an area of 120 hectares, the district has gathered to support investors to remove difficulties, soon complete the project. Especially in the clearance work, the subordinate units have been implementing quite effectively, ensuring the interests of both investors and people in the project area. It is expected that the project will go into operation in 2021, contributing to promoting the local socio-economy.

Information from the Provincial Economic Management Board, there are a number of industrial parks such as IDICO - Huu Thanh, Viet Phat, An Nhut Tan, Silico, Tran Anh - Tan Phu, and so on implementing the construction of technical infrastructure. The unit will focus on solutions to promote investors of projects to speed up the progress, striving to quarter II-2021 to have at least 3 eligible IPs to receive secondary investors.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thanh added that the province is implementing and performing many solutions to speed up the progress of infrastructure projects of industrial zones. In particular, will create all conditions to support investors in the project implementation. It is expected that the province will have an additional 1,500 hectares of clean land in the industrial zones to attract investment by 2021, to catch the investment wave in the area.

For the newly planned projects, the Economic Zone Management Board will actively coordinate with relevant units and localities to monitor, urge and support investors to complete legal procedures for early implementation of the project. When 35 IPs come into operation, the province will have nearly 12,000 hectares of industrial land to welcome investors, with mechanisms and policies to attract investment and the transport system is gradually completed, becoming an attractive destination, making an important contribution to the socio-economic development of the locality and the region./.

By Le Duc – Translated by Duc Tam