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19/03/2021 - 19:44

Speeding up progress of traffic works

All levels and branches have strengthened coordination with localities to regularly inspect and work with construction units to focus on solving problems and difficulties in the implementation process in order to speed up the progress of traffic works or projects, especially key, breakthrough, urgent projects, soon completed and put into use, serving the socio-economic development of Long An province.

Workers construct on Tan Tap - Long Hau route (Photo: Chau Son)

Workers construct on Tan Tap - Long Hau route (Photo: Chau Son)

Ensuring work progress

Determining the importance of transport infrastructure to the local socio-economic development, Long An has concentrated all resources to invest and improve over the past time. Many projects and traffic works in the area have been completed on schedule, according to plans, promoting efficiency, creating favorable conditions for people to travel, trade, facilitating regional linkage, connection between Long An with many other provinces and cities, positively contributing to the general development of the locality. In the term 2020-2025, Long An will continue to mobilize all resources to improve the transport infrastructure system, serving the development in the new period.

The Ring Road of Tan An City (to be completed) is one of the key projects in the term. The work consists of two main parts: The road has a length of more than 22 kilometers, the roadbed is 33 meters wide (only the sections coincide with Provincial Road (PR) 834B, 25 meters wide, coincides with PR 833, 17 meters wide and coincides with high voltage line 35 meters wide) Vam Co Tay bridge is nearly 500 meters long.

The Ring Road of Tan An city is under construction from National Highway (NH) 1 to PR 827A. This section is divided into 6 construction packages (4 road packages, 1 package of Bao Dinh bridge and 1 lighting package). Representative of the construction unit of package 4 (section NH 1 – PR 827A) - Nguyen Van Khoa said: “The unit tries to ensure construction progress as planned. We mobilize a full range of facilities, equipment and labor to do this. We maintain 3 teams of construction works with 15-30 people at the construction site every day. In addition to Saturday and Sunday, workers also work 3rd shifts (night shift). Currently, due to hot weather, the unit has adjusted the working time appropriately, avoiding affecting workers' health. The package implemented by the unit has a length of 1.4 kilometers with a total capital of more than 26 billion VND. Up to now, we construct about 85 percent of the volume, completed according to progress (expected on April 30).

The progress of traffic works is focused on speeding up (Photo: The Ring Road of Tan An city is under construction urgently)

The progress of traffic works is focused on speeding up (Photo: The Ring Road of Tan An city is under construction urgently)

PR 830 Phase 1 has been basically completed, cleared and put into use. The whole route is over 50 kilometers long, from Duc Hoa district through Ben Luc, Can Duoc and the end-point is Long An International Port (Can Giuoc district). The province is investing in phase 2 (expanding) this route, the section from NH1 (Nguyen Trung Truc street, Ben Luc district) to NH50 with a total length of more than 20 kilometers and 4 bridges. Specifically, upgrading the road from grade IV to grade III, 4 lanes scale, roadbed 18.5 meters wide, road surface 14 meters wide, paved with asphalt, separator width 1.5 meters, curb width 3 meters, speed design 80 kilometers per hour. Expanding 4 bridges (Long Son, Ba Tuong, Rach Dao, Nha Ram), span from 10 meters to 17.5 meters (expanding each side 3.75 meters). The total investment of this period is more than 600 billion VND. Currently, the bidding packages are focused on deploying units.

Deputy Commander of Package 10 (Phase 2 of PR830) - Pham Ngoc Chien shared: “The unit mobilizes sufficient means, equipment and human resources to organize the construction. There are more than 50 workers on the site at the peak time. Up to now, the package has reached nearly 100 percent of the volume. It is expected the project will be completed on March 30, 2021. The investor coordinating with the investor to take the next steps to complete, organize the takeover test and put into use”.

Focusing resources for implementation

The Tan Tap - Long Hau Road (Can Giuoc district) - works under the transitional breakthrough program for the 2016-2020 period are being implemented urgently and focused by the construction units. The investor regularly checks and coordinates with the unit to inspect and urge the contractor to ensure the progress of the project.

Representative of the construction unit of Tan Tap - Long Hau - Duong Ngoc Quyet informed that the woks was restarted for more than a month ago, there were 3 construction sites on the site with 30 workers every day. Up to now, the construction unit reaches 50 percent of the volume, expected to complete the package on July 26th.

Checking and executing the culverts of Tan Tap - Long Hau Road project

Checking and executing the culverts of Tan Tap - Long Hau Road project

Rach Dua Bridge project belongs to part 1 of Tan Tap - Long Hau - NH50 - Long An Port project, crossing Rach Dua river connecting two communes Phuoc Lai and Long Hau commune, Can Giuoc district. The bridge was started construction on February 2, 2020, expected to be completed on March 29, 2021, with a total length of more than 344 meters, a width of 13.25 meters, a navigation width of 30 meters, a navigation height of 6 meters; has 4 simple spans (4 spans of 33 meters long) and 3 spans by continuous box girder, constructed by the method of balanced cantilever casting (55 meters + 90 meters + 55 meters). The main bridge pier foundation is located on a bored pile foundation with a diameter of 120 centimeters and a length of 43 meters. The length of the road to the bridge on both sides of the abutment is 166.7 meters, the paved road surface is 11.25 meters wide, the roadbed is 13 meters wide. The total contract value is 156,830 billion VND, invested from government bonds, provincial budget, capital mobilized from enterprises and other legal mobilized capital. The main span of the bridge has just been matched on February 7, 2021. Currently, the construction unit continues to perfect the rest to soon put the project into operation.

According to the Deputy Commander of the Rach Dua bridge project - Nguyen Ba Trang, the unit tries to ensure the progress of the project. Currently, the unit has about 20 workers working day and night to complete the rest of the project. The difficulties and problems are reported by the unit, coordinating with the investor, the local authority to step by step remove and soon put the bridge into use according to the proposed plan.

Deputy Director of the Department of Transport - Nguyen Hoai Trung informed: “The Department regularly works with construction units to inspect and urge the progress of the project. Some projects still have difficulty in site, the Department has worked with departments, branches and localities to discuss plans to ensure construction progress and advise the Provincial People's Committee on solutions to direct in the process of implementing the project”.

For key works and projects, transition breakthrough programs, the Department requires all construction units to hurry and gather resources to complete under the signed contract. For projects implemented in the term 2020-2025, the Department prioritizes the implementation of key projects (completing Ring Road of Tan An City, PR 830E, PR 827E). In which, the Ring Road of Tan An city is being constructed. As for PR830E, the Department deployed and handed over the ground clearance pile to the People's Committee of Ben Luc district and the People's Committee of Can Duoc district. Currently, the Department organizes the preparation of the survey task outline, pre-feasibility study report and will approve the bidding documents for the survey consultancy bidding package, prepare the feasibility study report when the approved outline.

The PR 827E (from Ho Chi Minh City to Vam Co Dong River), is expected to build parallel roads along the route with a cross-section of 4 mixed lanes and 2 rudimentary lanes, protection corridor on both sides, foundation 100 meters wide road, design speed 60 kilometers per hour. The Department has a report No. 733/TTr-SGTVT on the issuance of the Resolution adjusting the investment policy of the PR 830E project (the section from the expressway intersection to PR 830) and separating the PR 827E project into two separate projects, including: project PR 827E, total investment 1,210,533 billion of Group B project and site clearance project PR 827E (axis connecting Ho Chi Minh City - Long An - Tien Giang), total investment 15,298,350 billion VND. Currently, the province has agreed and the Department is focusing on the next steps to soon deploy investment.

In addition, for projects implemented in 2021, the Department of Transport has requested specialized departments to prepare all plans and plans to organize the implementation and ensure the plan that the province assigned./.

By Chau Son – Translated by Duc Tam