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20/01/2021 - 15:12

Tan An today

At the close of over nine years of deploying thorough reforms, 5 out of 5 communes of Tan An city altogether accomplished and were recognized to reach the standards for new-style rural (NR) construction, the rural appearance becomes brighter and be a remarkable tribute to the general socio-economic development of Long An province.

Tan An City has effectively implemented the diversification of all resources to invest in rural infrastructure towards the orientation of synchronization and modernization to meet production demands. The quality of education, healthcare, culture and environment get enhanced; political stability and security are maintained; the social order and safety are ensured; etc. Over the period of the NR construction, Binh Tam and An Vinh Ngai communes were recognized NR standards in 2014, then followed by Loi Binh Nhon and Nhon Thanh Trung communes in 2015 and finally Huong Tho Phu in 2017. Mr Nguyen Ngoc Dien - an inhabitant of Huong Tho Phu commune cheerfully shared: “From the day of recognizing NR standards onwards, the citizens’ life has witnessed considerable advances day after day, everyone becomes excited”. 

Communes are ongoing campaigns encourage the locals to devote lands and donate to the budget for rural traffic extension and to take part in environmental landscape reclamation. Photograph: Thanh Nga

Communes are ongoing campaigns encourage the locals to devote lands and donate to the budget for rural traffic extension and to take part in environmental landscape reclamation. Photograph: Thanh Nga

Coming back to Binh Tam commune these days, it is possible to identify significant alterations on every single street and alley. Chairman of the People's Committee of Binh Tam Commune – Ngo Hoang Tri stated: “Despite being qualified for the NR construction for years, the commune continuously gives endeavors to consolidate and further improve criteria accomplished, gearing to the erection of advanced NR construction of the commune. Accordingly, Binh Tam commune encourages people to devote lands, contribute to the budget of rural traffic extension, the environmental landscape reclamation and ensure security and social order, build self-administration models, etc.”.

Upholding and promoting the latest achievements, Tan An City is keeping on spreading out the tasks of long-lasting NR construction, promoting the citizens' leading role in the campaign of the whole people keeping solidarity to construct NR in the coming time. Simultaneously, Tan An City is devising detailed roadmaps, plans and extremely specific solutions to boost NRC's criteria, striving for advanced NRC accomplishment in tenure 2020-2025 (with one commune qualified for model NR).

Discussing the forthcoming key tasks, Chairman of People's Committee of Tan An city - Nguyen Quang Thai emphasized that the consolidation and enhancement of NR construction criteria's quality has to ensure associated with socio-economic development, raising life standards and environmental protection. In the coming days, Tan An city is focusing on strengthening the creativity of citizens from all walks of life, creating high consensus among the entire society; pursuing spreading and campaigning for sustainable erection task of NR construction; providing explicit plans, roadmaps as well as specific solutions for maintaining and improving the outcomes of implementing NR criteria, making attempts to be recognized as advanced NR standards and model NR at the earliest opportunity.

 With vivid outcomes over nine years of implementation, the NR construction program approved by local authorities and citizens has mobilized the participation of the political and social systems. Citizens gradually develop their leading role in the process of NR construction and growth under the state's directions and support. There's a held belief that the NR communes of Tan An city is maintaining and consolidating the attained achievements, give big endeavors to become worth-living countryside./.

By Le Quang - Translated by Duc Tam