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20/05/2020 - 16:31

Both fighting epidemic and trying to restore production, business

Besides supporting solutions, creating favorable conditions from state management agencies, enterprises make efforts to gradually overcome difficulties, restore production and business after the Covid-19 epidemic.

Enterprises strive to overcome difficulties, gradually restore production and business

Enterprises strive to overcome difficulties, gradually restore production and business

Many difficulties besieged

The Covid-19 epidemic caused many difficulties for businesses operating in the province. Some companies have to stop activities or reduce production and business scale. This greatly affects the situation of local socio-economic development. Besides, some workers and employees in the province lost their jobs or reduced their income. Despite their hard work and efforts, enterprises need state management agencies to quickly deploy supportive measures from the government to be able to recover production and business soon.

According to the representative of Hu Kiet Co., Ltd. (in Luong Hoa commune, Ben Luc district), the company strictly enforces disease prevention and control measures from the government, the Ministry of Health and localities. The Covid-19 epidemic affected the operations of the company. Goods were not circulated, production was delayed. Although it was undesirable, the company was forced to terminate labor contracts with many workers because there was no revenue to pay wages. Currently, the disease situation has been good, the company began to restore production. The Government has many solutions to support businesses and individual business households, so we look forward to quickly deploying them to overcome difficulties and stabilize production soon.

Vice-Chairman of Ben Luc District People's Committee - Le Thanh Ut said that enterprises and business households in the district face many difficulties caused by Covid-19 disease. The number of inventories in the stores increased due to the inability to consume and tends to increase gradually over the coming months. Shortage of raw materials, workers who do not have jobs, the risk of losing the market, reducing competitiveness because the domestic and foreign markets have not opened, etc. Therefore, most enterprises are forced to implement the plan for workers to postpone labor contracts, suspend temporary, unpaid jobs to cope with the situation of the purchasing power of the market is falling deeply. The district People’s Committee reported the specific situation to the provincial People’s Committee. At the same time, the district deployed and informed the support policies from the government to businesses to grasp and implement. When businesses have requested, the locality will quickly solve.

Enterprises in Can Giuoc district also cannot avoid the negative effects caused by Covid-19 disease. Mr. Matt Kim - representative of Simon Vietnam Co., Ltd. (operating in Long Hau Industrial Park, Can Giuoc district) said that his company specializes in exporting handbags, due to Covid-19 disease, so most of the foreign markets are closed. About 70 percent of the company's orders were canceled, 20 percent of labor was forced to reduce. The disease situation in Vietnam is basically well controlled, the domestic market has started to reopen. However, the world market is still not ready. The company wishes to postpone the deadline for tax payment. Besides, we will also find suitable solutions and markets to restore our operations.

Along with recovering production and business, enterprises still pay attention to disease prevention

Along with recovering production and business, enterprises still pay attention to disease prevention

Joining hands to overcome difficulties

The Covid-19 epidemic has negatively affected many countries around the world. In Vietnam, the government has implemented many solutions to help people stabilize their lives and businesses to restore production and business situations with the aim of fighting against epidemics and developing the economy.

In Long An, the leaders of provinces, departments, branches and localities concentrate to remove the obstacles and difficulties, implement supportive solutions from the government to businesses and business households in the province. The locality joined hands with businesses to try to overcome difficulties and soon restore production and business as before.

According to representatives of SNK Infinity Hong Hoa Trading Co., Ltd. (in Long An commune, Can Giuoc district) - Tran Thi Thanh Thuy, the Covid-19 epidemic affected the market. Currently, Vietnam basically controls the disease. The government creates favorable conditions on mechanisms and policies for businesses to access, especially capital. The province also provides information on mechanisms, policies as well as procedures, focal agencies and time for businesses to know. At the same time, we also strive to overcome difficulties for normal production and business. Currently, the number of goods and orders of the company basically sold out, the workers are still working fully. However, up to June, if the epidemic situation in the world is still complicated as today, the company will have difficulty in orders. In the immediate future, the company has contracted with material providers to try to ensure production maintenance. In the long term, when the world market reopens, the company will seek and expand markets and order to develop sustainable production.

According to information from the Provincial People's Committee, Long An always accompanies and shares the difficulties of businesses affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. The provincial People's Committee has implemented many solutions and directed relevant agencies and localities to create the most favorable conditions for enterprises to operate safely. Within its authority, the province will direct agencies to quickly resolve suggestions and proposals of enterprises. The business support package under the spirit of the Government's Resolution 42/NQ-CP when it is specifically and fully guided, the provincial People's Committee will direct the concerned departments and branches to quickly implement it.

In addition, the province requires relevant departments, branches and localities to directly coordinate with enterprises to solve difficulties and create favorable conditions in their operations; help agencies understand the measures to cope with the Covid-19 disease, since then they are peace of mind to stabilize production, ensure both anti-epidemic and production development. The provincial People's Committee proposed enterprises to be proactive and autonomous in business plans, to join hands with the provincial People's Committees and local People's Committees to continue overcoming difficulties and propose specific solutions combining the State and enterprises for mutual development./.

At the national online conference with enterprises, production and business facilities, the Prime Minister - Nguyen Xuan Phuc informed that, before the difficulties of the epidemic, over the past time, the Politburo, the Secretariat, The Government and the Prime Minister have policies to support difficulties for businesses, people and the economy.

The Prime Minister stated that it was necessary to focus more on restarting Vietnam's economy, striving for GDP to achieve a growth rate of over 5 percent, rather than the IMF forecast of only 2.7 percent, and to control inflation below 4 percent. Focusing on "5 frontal armor". Firstly, we attract investment from domestic economic sectors, mainly private investment. Secondly, we attract FDI. Thirdly, we boost exports. Fourthly we promote public investment. Finally, we encourage domestic consumption with a population of nearly 100 million Vietnamese people.

The Prime Minister emphasized that he created favorable conditions, supported mechanisms and policies for businesses to recover operations, increase productivity, expand production scale in a "new normal situation" as the present. At the same time, he instructed ministries, central agencies and localities to concentrate the solutions to remove obstacles so that enterprises can overcome difficulties and stabilize production situation./.

By Chau Son – Translated by Duc Tam