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13/08/2019 - 05:49

First 7 months of 2019: Long An Market Management Department handles 1,018 violations

In July 2019, the subordinate teams under the provincial Market Management Department inspected more than 200 cases, discovered and handled 189 violations. Accumulated 7 months of 2019, the teams discovered and handled 1,018 violations.

Smuggled cigarettes are confiscated by Market management teams

Accordingly, the Market Management Teams discovered and handled 126 cases of transporting illegal and smuggled goods; 550 trade fraud cases; 10 cases of counterfeit goods and intellectual property violations; 249 violations of wrong labels; 83 violations of food hygiene and safety, etc. Budget revenue was over 1.79 billion VND.

Besides, the force also seized 29 cars, 337 motorbike spare parts, 202 kilograms of counterfeit washing powder, 550 indoors and outdoors of air conditioners, 270 CPUs; 19,000 kilograms of counterfeit sugar and nearly 70 kilograms of counterfeit monosodium glutamate, and so on. 

In the province, the situation of smuggling and trade frauds tends to increase. The Market Management Department requires the subordinate teams to regularly handle violations of smuggled cigarette, focus on inspecting cigarette wholesalers and retailers, restaurants, groceries, etc. - said the Acting Director of Provincial Market Management Department - Pham Duc Chinh.

Besides, the teams have to strengthen the prevention and combat of smuggling and trading of fake and poor quality fertilizers as well as plant protection drugs; check pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, functional foods, medicinal herbs and traditional medicine. In particular, the teams also coordinate with the functional departments to prevent the spread of African swine fever in the province./.

By Mai Huong - Translated by Pham Ngan