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25/05/2023 - 17:08

Improve business support efficiency and PCI

Industry and Trade plays an important role in the economic development of Long An province, making great contributions to economic growth and state budget revenue. Therefore, the province always strives to improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) through strengthening support for enterprises.

The Department of Industry and Trade is promoting procedures to support the implementation of the industrial promotion project (In the photo: The local Department of Industry surveys at Sang Viet Production Trading Joint Stock Company, the beneficiary of National Industrial Promotion program in 2022 )

Hold an important position

In 2022, despite many difficulties in the recovery process after Covid-19 pandemic, the province's economic growth reached 8.46%. In the first three months of 2023, the province's economic growth reached 3.82%. In which, the industry, trade and service sector increased by 5.34%, making an important contribution to the economic growth of the province.

According to the approved industrial cluster development planning in the province, by 2020, there will be 62 industrial clusters with a total area of 3,106.5 hectares and Hai Son - Duc Hoa Dong industrial cluster with an area of 261.2 hectares (not in the planning, preparing procedures to transform into an industrial park). Up to now, there are 52 industrial clusters with a total area of 2,655.1 hectares, which have had investment policy/decision to establish industrial cluster. There are 23 operating industrial clusters, attracting 688 projects with a total leased land area of 812 hectares. The occupancy rate of active clusters is 87.56%.

Currently, in the province, there are 8 completed power plant projects and commercial power generation projects (total capacity 440.1MWp with an area of 494.8 hectares), 1 project is under construction investment. There are 10 projects that have been appraised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade but have not yet been supplemented with the electricity development planning (total capacity of 1,180MWp). Particularly for the project of Long An I and Long An II LNG Thermal Power Plants (Can Giuoc District), they have been granted an investment registration certificate by Provincial People's Committee (total capacity of 3,000MW with an area of 85 hectares) and are preparing investment procedures as prescribed. For Rooftop Solar Power Project, up to now, the Electricity sector has accepted to energize and signed power purchase contracts with 2,598 customers with a total capacity of 515.15MWp.

Long An is now also a vibrant area for commercial development and there are many businesses investing in commercial infrastructure to serve the shopping needs of the people.

Besides, industrial promotion and trade promotion activities are well maintained. Through that, small and medium-sized enterprises are supported with investment funds to purchase equipment for production, participate in fairs and exhibitions, promote product output.

Improve the efficiency of business support

The Department of Industry and Trade continues to reform administrative procedures, shorten the time and cost of entering the market for businesses in the province.

According to Director of Department of Industry and Trade - Nguyen Tuan Thanh, the PCI results in 2022 have improved quite well. It is the effort of the whole political system in the province and has been positively recognized and evaluated by businesses. In order to continue to improve PCI and effectively support businesses, the Department of Industry and Trade is developing a plan to implement tasks and solutions according to the functions and tasks of the industry. In particular, the Department focuses on solutions to improve the market entry index and improve the efficiency of supporting businesses to access free trade agreements (FTAs).

In 2023, the Department of Industry and Trade will continue to propagate and disseminate deeply and widely the Party's views, guidelines and resolutions, in order to raise awareness in the implementation of solutions to improve PCI. In particular, the Department continues to improve the operational efficiency of the provincial Steering Committee on international integration, regularly providing information and guidance on the FTAs that Vietnam has signed to businesses, in order to help them take opportunity to connect trade; take advantage of the benefits from FTAs in the process of international integration; organize information and communication conferences on international economic integration. The Department also actively informs and supports enterprises to participate in training and propaganda programs on international economic integration, FTAs and trade connection activities, thereby helping to improve the competitiveness of enterprises; market information and exploit, take advantage of tax incentives to boost exports to markets where Vietnam has joined the FTA.

As a state management agency in charge of commerce, the Department continues to strengthen linkages between businesses, localities, and industries to develop domestic raw material areas to be more proactive in factors such as: inputs for production and business, gradually improving the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, the Department establishs trade relations and strategic partnerships to develop domestic and export markets in the long run; continues to pay attention to attracting investment and developing supporting industries in the province. In particular, the Department focuses on creating the best conditions to help businesses and investors remove difficulties and obstacles, speeding up the completion of the infrastructure of industrial clusters that have approved policies to go into operation soon.

The support to improve the competitiveness of enterprises is also maintained by the Department through trade promotion activities. In 2022, the Department has supported enterprises to participate in fairs and trade connections to introduce and promote local products to consumers, businesses across the country and foreign partners. As a result, many enterprises in the province have participated and signed contracts to sell products with distribution units, trade centers and supermarkets throughout the country; at the same time, connecting with foreign partners to promote export of goods. In 2023, more attention will be paid to trade promotion, introduction and promotion of typical products and OCOP of the province in the digital environment, thereby raising awareness of enterprises about the importance of digital transformation and e-commerce. Enterprises can have access to many business solutions in the digital environment, with the right orientation and development plan in line with the general trend of the market.

Activities to support businesses to promote trade in the digital environment are also focused through introducing and promoting typical products, OCOP of the province via Zalo group, Facebook, on the province's e-commerce platform, Long An products fanpage of the Department. Through that, enterprises can participate in traceability software for typical products of the province. Many of the province's goods are sold on e-commerce platforms. Up to now, there are 63,244 organizations and individuals selling goods on Postmart and Vo So platforms, with 7,653 products registered. Currently, there are 478 products of 180 booths displayed on the provincial e-commerce platforms.

Currently, the Department of Industry and Trade is promoting the implementation of procedures to support the implementation of the industrial promotion scheme for the right purposes, beneficiaries, in accordance with the needs and accessibility of enterprises and rural industrial establishments, thereby supporting them to boldly invest in advanced machinery and equipment to expand production, increase productivity and product quality, save raw materials and energy, minimize environmental pollution, improving competitiveness, expanding the consumption market for the province's products.

Activities to call for and promote investment in upgrading commercial infrastructure are also carried out. Every year, the Department conducts a review of the locations and local investment needs in terms of commercial infrastructure to introduce to investors as well as provide information of enterprises' needs to departments, branches and localities; surveys in districts of Ben Luc, Duc Hoa, Can Duoc, Can Giuoc,etc; calls for investment and promoting the development of border trade infrastructure between Vietnam and Cambodia. Solutions to promote the development of the logistics service industry, gradually reduce logistics costs to facilitate and reduce business costs, thereby creating motivation for enterprises to enter the market. Currently, according to the development plan of Logistics Center of Long An in the period of 2021-2030, the province has been calling and promoting investment in 10 large and small projects. In which, 3 projects have initially been put into operation.

Activities to implement policies to support investment in industrial clusters, administrative procedure reform and simplification of administrative procedures within the scope of state functions of the Department were also implemented to shorten the time and cost of entering the market for enterprises in the province. It is expected that with many of the above solutions, the Department of Industry and Trade will contribute to improving the PCI and investment environment, making a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of the province./.

By Mai Huong - Translated by Q. Thien