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19/01/2020 - 07:41

Long An: Attractive destination for investors

Long An has many supporting policies, always focuses on improving the investment and business environment. The province will be an attractive and effective destination for businesses to invest in the area.

Attractive environment

Long An borders Ho Chi Minh City, is the economic development corridor connecting Ho Chi Minh City - Southeast provinces with the Mekong Delta region in the North - South direction, connecting international seaports with international border gates in the East - West direction. Thanks to the unique position and convenient waterway - land transport system, many national highways and expressways, the province has favorable conditions for the harmonious development of industry, agriculture and services.

Since 1997, the province has begun to develop the industry. The planning for the development of industrial parks and clusters in the area is reasonably distributed. In addition, its location near Ho Chi Minh City creates favorable conditions for investors. The industrial parks and clusters of the province are mainly concentrated in the districts bordering Ho Chi Minh City within a radius of 30-40 kilometers.

Currently, the province has 16 industrial parks (with the occupancy rate of 85.26 percent) and 21 industrial clusters in operation (with the occupancy rate of 89.7 percent). All industrial zones and clusters are conveniently located on roads and waterways; Long An's port planning is capable of receiving 70,000-ton ships, etc. At present, the province has more than 11,000 businesses operating stably.

The province's economic growth rate is always higher than the national average. The province is considered to be an attractive investment environment due to its geographical location, preferential mechanisms and policies for investors in accessing markets in the region, especially Ho Chi Minh City.

Long An - Attractive destination for investors

According to Director of Marketing - Sales of Long Hau Joint Stock Company (Investor of Long Hau Industrial Park) - Bui Le Thanh Hieu, Long An has a convenient location and attractive investment environment for the businesses. The province has developed dynamically, so investors gradually tend to choose it to invest instead of Binh Duong and Dong Nai, etc. as before. In the process of operation, the businesses are always created favorable conditions to remove difficulties and obstacles by the provincial leaders. Policies to support and attract investment are suitable to the reality. Therefore, we are assured to develop production and business. We propose that Long An province continue to improve the investment environment, administrative reform, organize more dialogues with the businesses. In addition, the province should have more new, reasonable and effective orientations in attracting investment, pay attention to the support policies after attracting investment so that it can truly become "a paradise" for the investment environment.

According to the representative of Thuan Dao Industrial Zone Authority (Ben Luc district), the province always has policies to support the businesses. The provincial leaders often contact and talk with the businesses to grasp the situation and promptly solve problems for them. Business environment is always open, improved and renew. They always feel assure to operate when operating in Long An province.

Always accompany the businesses

According to the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut, the province always creates an open, friendly, safe and effective investment environment; focuses on improving the business environment in order to improve competitiveness and attract investment. The provincial competitiveness index is always improving year by year. In 2018, it reached 68.09 points, Long An province was ranked the 3rd in the whole country.

Long An always accompanies enterprises, creates friendly and cooperative relationships for mutual development. The province regularly organizes dialogues in order to promptly remove difficulties for the businesses. Annually, the provincial delegations visit, work and promote investment in Japan, Korea, Germany, the United States, etc. in order to enhance foreign investment promotion activities, cooperation with foreign countries and localities.

Besides, the province focuses resources to invest in infrastructure development, especially transportation to serve industrial development. Currently, the transport routes also connect industrial zones and clusters with the central localities of the province and towards Ho Chi Minh City.

"Long An commits to accompany and create the most favorable conditions for investors, major corporations, small and medium enterprises to invest in the area. The province will strive more to maintain an open, friendly, safe and effective investment environment. I hope that there will be more businesses investing in the province, contributing to promoting the province's socio-economic development strongly in the coming time”- Mr. Nguyen Van Ut emphasized.

Currently, Long An is a “common house” of more than 11,000 businesses with a total registered capital of nearly 300,000 billion VND. The province has more than 1,900 domestic investment projects with registered capital of over 216,000 billion VND; more than 1,000 FDI projects from 38 countries and territories with a total capital of nearly 6.2 million USD./.

By Chau Son - Translated by Pham Ngan