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06/01/2023 - 16:06

Strong socio-economic recovery creates momentum for development

In 2022, the socio-economic situation of Long An had a strong development. The economic growth rate reached 8.46%, ranking 5th out of 13 provinces and cities in Mekong Delta; economy ranked 12th in the country; State budget revenue reached nearly 22 trillion VND. This is a stepping stone and motivation for the province to complete all resolution targets of the term.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Pham Tan Hoa (5th, left) and the delegation visited and encouraged enterprises to restore production and business, and flexibly adapt to the new situation. Photo: Mai Huong

Powerful recovery

Can Giuoc district is one of the localities in the key economic region of the province. The year 2022 marks the strong development of the district in all fields. According to Chairman of Can Giuoc District People's Committee - Nguyen Anh Duc, although facing many difficulties and challenges in the recovery process after the Covid-19 pandemic, with the attention and direction of the province, the determination and solidarity of the whole political system, the support and consensus of the people and business community, the district Party Committee proactively grasped the situation, made efforts to overcome difficulties, successfully completed socio-economic development tasks

In which, the district achieved and exceeded 15/15 targets for the year 2022 (with 6/15 exceeded targets). Notably, the work of compensation, site clearance and resettlement continued to be focused on, directing the drastic implementation of solutions such as reviewing, classifying projects, and grouping objects to develop appropriate plans; regularly meet with businesses in the area to promptly solve difficulties and problems; promote the role of the Committee for Compensation, Site Clearance and Resettlement of the district.

In 2022, the district paid compensation and support to 606 households, individuals and organizations with an area of 102.55 hectares, the total amount of over 1,293 billion VND. Can Giuoc continued to be a bright spot to attract investment. During the year, the district received 5 secondary investors to operate in industrial parks and 2 investors to operate in industrial clusters, bringing a total of 401 investors operating in industrial parks and 7 invest in industrial clusters.

After 1 year with many efforts, the economy of Duc Hoa district recovered strongly and had a growth rate of over 12%, exceeding the target set by the District Party Committee. The economic structure of the district continues to shift in the direction of industry - construction, trade - service and agriculture.

In particular, the industry sector, although greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, had a strong recovery in the new situation. Solutions to support and create conditions for enterprises to restore production and business activities were deployed and implemented synchronously. At the same time, the district has well coordinated with provincial departments and branches to urge investors to accelerate investment in technical infrastructure in industrial zones and clusters that have contributed to economic growth.

2022 marks a record level in state budget revenue of over 1,386 billion VND, reaching 123.14% of the provincial estimate, 107.07% of the district estimate and 102.66% of the increased estimate revenue.

Industrial production recovered strongly in 2022

If in the districts in the key economic region marked strong growth in the field of industry, trade and services, the provinces in the Dong Thap Muoi region of the province also witnessed stable development.

According to Vice Chairman of Vinh Hung District People's Committee - Nguyen Tuan Anh, in 2022, the district's econom developed quite well as the production value of industries increased over the same period. Agriculture was still the main economic sector of the district. Rice production achieved and exceeded the target in terms of area, productivity and output with sowing area of over 57,300 hectares, reaching 101.3% of the plan. The output was estimated at over 345,700 tons. In which, the output of high quality rice is 280,368 tons, accounting for 81.1%. In addition, the district focused on developing the area of vegetables with over 3,500 hectares and increasing the area of fruit trees to 476.7 hectares, initially bringing high income to farmers.

In Kien Tuong town, in parallel with the urban development program, by 2022, the agricultural production sector, especially rice production, associated with the program of high-quality rice areas and the application of high technology brought positive effect with production models and maintaining links with businesses. The town's agriculture sector deployed to support the price of certified rice seeds for high-quality rice production areas, applying high technology, with a total area of 210 hectares; coordinated with the Provincial Agricultural Service Center to support the price of certified rice seeds with a total area of 175 hectares. In the last summer-autumn rice crop, the town deployed 6 models to demonstrate the process of organic rice cultivation in high-tech rice production areas and 9 models to support the price of certified rice seeds for other regions, producing high quality rice in order to change the perception of farmers in agricultural production.

Create momentum

The Provincial People's Committee said that, in 2022, the socio-economic development targets all meet and exceeded the resolutions of the Provincial People's Council, in which, the economic growth rate (GRDP) reached 8.46%, production and business in the province gradually regained growth momentum after a period of heavy impact from the Covid-19 epidemic. Particularly in the third quarter of 2022, the growth rate reached 19.07%, showing that the policy of socio-economic recovery and development is effective. 2022 is also the first year that the state budget revenue in the province reached nearly VND 22 trillion, became the 12th largest economy in the country. Impressive figures in socio-economic development continues to affirm the province's leading position in the region, creating a stepping stone and motivation for the province to complete all resolution targets of the term.

Despite many difficulties, Agriculture sector achieved positive results, contributing to the recovery and economic growth of the province.

According to Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut, in 2023, the economic situation will continue to face many challenges when the agriculture industry is forecast to face erratic weather and unstable consumption of agricultural products. High production costs, especially gasoline, oil, raw materials, and input factors will affect the socio-economic development of the province. Facing that situation, the Provincial People's Committee aims to focus on fast and sustainable economic development, strongly mobilize all resources to effectively implement breakthrough programs and key projects, along with controlling the Covid-19 epidemic effectively.

In 2023, the province strives to achieve an economic growth rate of 8-8.5%, rice output of 2.7 million tons, of which high-quality rice accounting for 65% of total output. To achieve the set target, the Provincial People's Committee directed departments, branches and localities to focus on flexibly and effectively implementing the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic as well as recovery and promoting socio-economic development, in which, focus on effectively implementing the Government's Resolution on the Socio-Economic Development and Restoration Program; regularly review and remove difficulties and obstacles in mechanisms and policies.

At the same time, the Provincial People's Committee drastically implemented solutions to restructure the economy in association with innovating the growth model, promoting digital transformation, and improving the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy; develop a synchronous and modern infrastructure system and effectively improve the investment and business environment; strive to improve the provincial competitiveness index by 2023, bring the province back top group in the country.

Along with economic development, the Provincial People's Committee continues to implement socio-cultural development solutions, ensuring harmony between economic development and society, ensuring national defense and security./.,

By Kien Dinh - Translated by Q. Thien