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03/02/2023 - 16:53

Building strong Party, creating new resilience and beliefs

On February 3, 2023, our Party turned 93 years old. During that journey, with each specific historical period, the Party has the right guidelines and resolutions, leading and building the country and homeland to be more and more developed.

Leading, directing closely

Upholding the heroic tradition, the Party Committee of Ben Luc district, Long An province always strives to achieve strategic goals and tasks through the congresses of district Party Committee, and solidarity, showing the will to be self-reliant, proactive and creative in labor and production.

Ben Luc District receives Third Class Independence Medal

Secretary of Ben Luc District Party Committee - Tran Hoang Nhan said that the district Party Committee soon determined and persistently implemented the development goal in the direction of gradually reducing the agricultural economy, constantly growing the industrial, construction, and trade - services proportion on the basis of taking advantage of investment resources of the province and central government and mobilizing resources for socialization. From the 10th District Party Congress (term 2010-2015), industrial, construction, trade - services, urban development was affirmed by the Party Committee, thereby achieving many important results.

Up to now, the proportion of industry, construction and trade - services accounts for nearly 99%, while agriculture accounts for over 1%. The speed of urbanization is fast, positively changing the urban appearance. Annual investment attraction is quite high. The economic growth rate of the district is always high (15.07% in 2022). The district achieved and exceeded 13 out of 13 targets set by the District Party Committee in 2022. This is also the first time that the state budget revenue reached the milestone of 1,000 billion VND, becoming one of the leading districts and economic driving force of the province.

Mr. Tran Hoang Nhan also emphasized that the achievements in socio-economic, defense - security, Party building on the way with the whole country to socialism, especially after 40 years of re-establishing the district (January 14, 1983 – January 14, 2023) affirmed the correct reform of the Party, the self-reliance, leadership capacity, bravery, the strong rise of the Party Committee and people in the district.

In 2023, with the determination to fulfill the targets set out by the Resolution, in addition to proactive, drastic solutions and synchronous implementation in all fields to improve people's living standards, building the Party Committee, the Party's grassroots organization to truly transparent and strong has the decisive meaning.

At the same time, the district must improve the capacity and operational efficiency of state management agencies at all levels; promote administrative reform; improve the method of direction and administration of the heads of agencies and units; renew thinking and working style of the cadres and civil servants in parallel with tightenining administrative discipline; strongly implement digital transformation; focus on staff work.

Thanh Hoa district established a pineapple farming area in Tan Tay commune

In 2022, Thanh Hoa district achieved and exceeded 17 out of 17 targets. Notably, the total state budget revenue reached 185.94 billion VND, reaching 193.69% of provincial assigned estimate and 149.35% of the striving estimate. Total food production was nearly 227,000 tons, reaching 104.4% of the target.

According to Secretary of Thanh Hoa District Party Committee - Nguyen Thi Thu Trinh, in 2023, the District Party Committee sets out 17 main targets in various fields. In order for the Resolution to achieve the highest results, the District Party Committee requested all levels of Party committees, officials and party members to remove difficulties and obstacles, and focus on effectively implementing Action Program No. 08 of the District Party Committee (Session VII) on "Developing high-tech agriculture in association with restructuring Agriculture sector"; Action Plan No. 06, dated March 7, 2016 of the District Party Committee (course VI) on "Building a highly competitive, commodity agricultural industry associated with the agricultural product processing industry", promote the emulation movement of building new - style rural areas, focus on mobilizing resources to make Thanh An new rural commune in 2023.

Satisfying people

From a district with a low starting point, once considered to be the poorest district in the province, with the right policies and support from the province, Duc Hue district has made remarkable changes in all fields.

Going back to Duc Hue district in the first days of the new year, it is easy to see the wide open village roads asphalted with colorful flags and flowers. Interspersed with coconut and lemon groves are the houses with solid tiled roofs. The countryside in the border district of Duc Hue is putting on a brighter new look.

The street of Duc Hue district on New Year's Day

Walking on a smooth concrete road, with all kinds of flowers planted on both sides, we came to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Giay's house (Voi hamlet, My Thanh Tay commune). This spring is probably the most unforgettable spring for Giay and her mother when the family has just been supported to build a border house on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Ms. Giay shared: “My Thanh Tay commune today has many innovations. People are supported and cared by the Party and government for economic development. My family is also taken care of, supported with a place to settle down, as a motivation to rise up. My mother and I are very happy!”.

According to Secretary of Duc Hue District Party Committee - Tran Thanh Phong, in 2022, the District Party Committee focused on leading and directing the synchronous implementation of Resolution in all fields, achieving and exceeding 15 out of 16 set targets. The total area of sown rice in the district reached over 43,485 hectares. Total budget revenue was over 260 billion VND, reaching 178.97% of the strived estimate assigned by the province. Breakthrough programs and key projects under the 12th Decision of the District Party Committee (term of 2020-2025) are focused on. The district has 3 communes meeting new rural standards (including My Thanh Tay commune). The program of agricultural development with high technology application in association with restructuring of the agricultural sector is focused on according to the roadmap.

Leaders of Duc Hue's agriculture sector visits farmers on new year

Duc Hue District Party Committee sets out 17 targets and 4 groups of key tasks and solutions to implement the Resolution in 2023. The common goal is to lead economic development, mobilize resources to accelerate the implementation of breakthroughs programs, key works, new rural construction programs according to the roadmap.

At the same time, the district focuses on comprehensive development in the field of culture, ensuring social security, improving the material and spiritual life of the people; continue to strengthen the work of defense - security, internal and foreign affairs; perform synchronously and closely the tasks and solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of the Party building, rectification work and the political system to meet the requirements and tasks in the new situation.

In the spirit of "More and more drastic", in 2023, Duc Hue District Party Committee requested Party committees, affiliated branches, Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations to concretize the Resolution of the District Party Committee into a Resolution, course of action, plan suitable to the actual situation of the agency or unit, then focus on widely propagandizing and encouraging the people to uphold the spirit of self-reliance, overcoming difficulties, striving to complete the set goals and tasks, contributing to the successful implementation of Resolution of district Party congress for the term 2020-2025, etc.

Proud of the glorious Party and the great President Ho Chi Minh, in the coming time, each Party organization, each cadre and party member must continue to promote the glorious tradition of the Party and the brave and resilient homeland Long An, bringing the province to new milestones./.

By Song Nhi - Translated by Q. Thien