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02/06/2023 - 14:51

Economic Zone Management Board needs to focus on developing solutions to improve investment environment

On June 1, the supervisory delegation of Long An Provincial People's Council led by Standing Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Council - Mai Van Nhieu, supervised the improvement of investment environment at Provincial Economic Zone Management Board.

According to the report of Economic Zone Management Board, the whole province has 37 Industrial Parks with a total planning area of 12,285.48 hectares, of which 35 Industrial Parks have been added to the development planning of industrial parks by Prime Minister and 2 industrial parks located in Long An border gate economic zone.

Currently, there are 24 Industrial Parks eligible to receive investment, of which 18 Industrial Parks are put into operation and 6 are eligible to receive investors. In addition, 8 Industrial Parks have had investment policies and are carrying out related procedures to deploy investment; 5 Industrial Parks have not yet been approved by Prime Minister.

The supervision team of Provincial People's Council supervises the Management Board of Provincial Economic Zone

During the period from January 1, 2021 to March 28, 2023, the Economic Zone Management Board attracted investment in 233 new projects, including 115 foreign investment projects and 118 domestic investment projects, with a total new investment capital of 941.97 million USD and 39,659.14 billion VND, respectively.

Since the industrial park was established, it has attracted 1,775 projects including 862 FDI projects and 913 domestic projects with a total investment capital including newly investment and capital increase of 5,897.16 million USD and 129,621.4 billion VND. For the economic zone, it has attracted 2 FDI projects with investment capital of 75 million USD and 2 domestic projects.

There are 37 industrial parks in the province with a total planned area of 12,285.48 hectares, attracting 1,775 projects including 862 FDI projects and 913 domestic projects

During operation, enterprises in industrial parks contribute to creating jobs for nearly 180,000 employees working in 1,561 enterprises and 1,780 foreign workers. Particularly in 2022, enterprises in the industrial parks contributed over 6,000 billion VND to the state budget, accounting for about 25% of the provincial budget.

In recent years, the Economic Zone Management Board has focused on implementing administrative reform solutions, propagating and disseminating the province's views and policies on improving the business investment environment. In particular, the Management Board focus on implementing administrative procedures, ensuring transparency, speed and compliance with the law and always creating the most favorable conditions for organizations and individuals in carrying out administrative procedures.

Delegates set out a number of contents with the Management Board of Economic Zone in improving the investment environment

From 2021 to the end of the first quarter of 2023, the Economic Zone Management Board received 4,316 administrative dossiers, of which 1,616 were in the investment field, and the settlement reached 100% on time, the rate of early settlement dossiers reached over 70%. In 2022, there were 40/115 investment registration certificates issued within the day upon submission of all valid documents, accounting for 34.78% of the total investment registration dossiers.

At the same time, the Economic Zone Management Board also focuses on implementing investment promotion, improve the investment environment, support, receive and solve difficulties and problems of enterprises. In particular, the unit is the focal point to connect and support businesses with issues related to the law on investment, tax, labor, import and export, compensation for site clearance, the construction of industrial park infrastructure, resettlement area for people located in the project,etc.

Head of the Management Board of Economic Zone - Le Truong Chinh explains some of the issues raised by the delegation

In addition to the achieved results, the Economic Zone Management Board also suggested that the ministries and branches soon issue a number of circulars and guidelines to remove difficulties in the process of performing tasks, and at the same time, propose the National Assembly to soon consider consider building the Law on Industrial Parks and Economic Zones, creating a legal basis to stabilize the investment environment and facilitate state management.

Standing Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Council – Mai Van Nhieu speaks at the monitoring session

Speaking at the monitoring session, Standing Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Council – Mai Van Nhieu highly appreciated the efforts of the Economic Zone Management Board over the past time, contributing to building and improving the investment environment, helping the province to always be an attractive destination to attract domestic and foreign investors.

He also suggested that the Economic Zone Management Board should focus on solutions to improve the investment environment. In particular, it is necessary to pay more attention to the planning of industrial parks, building and completing infrastructure in industrial parks, promptly supporting and accompanying businesses. At the same time, it is necessary to identify key tasks, especially building breakthrough solutions, improving the provincial PCI index, contributing to improving the investment environment and attracting investment in industrial parks and economic zones. Economic Zone Management Board should also pay attention to handling slow-implementation industrial park projects that still have legalization problems, and develop regulations on coordination between the Board, departments and branches in handling administrative procedures. "The Economic Zone Management Board needs to consider planning 1-2 concentrated and methodical industrial parks to attract large enterprises and form a link between them", said Standing Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Council – Mai. Van Many./.

By Kien Dinh - Translated by Q. Thien