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10/03/2023 - 07:51

Long An announces PAR index in 2022

On March 9, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut chaired an online conference to summarize, announce the public administrative reform (PAR) index 2022, and implement tasks in 2023.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Nguyen Van Ut chairs the conference

In 2022, PAR work was identified as a key task, and the Provincial People's Committee promptly issued many documents directing and implementing PAR tasks in the locality. Departments, branches and localities also proactively promulgated annual plans and implement them with quality on schedule.

Institutional reform is basically positive, legal documents are promulgated in accordance with the prescribed order, ensuring consistency, synchronization and feasibility in the whole province. Administrative procedure reform has been implemented continuously with focus, and brought practical results. During the year, the province has 42 options to simplify administrative procedures for 42 procedures in 20 fields under the jurisdiction of 16 provincial departments and branches.

Regarding the results of handling administrative procedure records, from January 1, 2022 to December 30, 2022, the whole province received 987,406 records; settled 967,527 records (55.19% before due date, 44.43% on time and 0.39% overdue); currently dealing with 19,879 records (of which 98.74% are not due; 1.26% are overdue).

The implementation of information technology application and building of digital government has been focused on by the province and achieved a number of important results, contributing to the management, direction and administration in the digital environment and helping serve people and businesses better.

The conference is held online, connecting with districts, towns and communes in the province

However, the work of directing and administering PAR were sometimes not thorough; the roles and responsibilities of leaders in the implementation of PAR in some agencies and units have not been enhanced;etc

At the conference, representatives of departments, branches and localities shared difficulties and limitations; at the same time, making proposals, recommendations and solutions to well implement PAR in 2023. Also here, PAR indexes of departments, branches, districts, towns and cities were announced. Accordingly, the Department of Justice ranks first among departments and branches; Tan Tru district ranked first among districts, towns and cities.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Nguyen Van Ut awards certificates of merit to units with achievements in organizing and implementing PAR

On this occasion, the Provincial People's Committee awarded certificates of merit to 9 collectives with achievements in organizing and implementing PAR in 2022.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Nguyen Van Ut speaks at the conference

Speaking at the conference, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut recognized and praised the departments, branches and localities that had good achievements and tried their best in PAR.

He asked the departments, branches and localities to seriously overcome the limitations; regularly review legal documents, order and procedures in PAR. In particular, the head must define PAR as an important task; thereby enhancing responsibility in the work of leading and directing administrative procedure reform; strengthen inspection and examination of public service in order to improve the quality of PAR activities in the province in 2023./.

By Staffs - Translated by Q. Thien