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12/04/2020 - 19:16

Health Ministry trains Covid-19 prevention at medical facilities

On April 11, the Ministry of Health organized a nationwide online training on Covid-19 epidemic prevention at medical facilities. Standing Deputy Minister of Health - Nguyen Thanh Long chaired the conference.

At Long An end-point bridge

The conference was organized to instruct skills in managing and treating Covid-19 epidemic, controlling infection in the medical facilities.

According to the Director of the Administration of Medical Examination and Treatment - Luong Ngoc Khue, the Ministry of Health always publishes the treatment methods. The Prime Minister's Directive 16 is based on the fact that Vietnam had infections that spread to the community. Social isolation aims to help the medical facilities effectively implement isolation and treatment.

In the prevention of Covid-19 infection at the medical facilities, infection control plays an important role. Measures to prevent infection consist of the classification of people at risk of infection; selection to detect the risk of infection; separation of people from people; respiratory hygiene, washing hands; etc.

In the face of complex outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, social isolation, wearing masks properly, washing hands frequently with soap and clean water are considered the best "vaccine" for preventing infection.

All medical facilities have to be proactive in preparing in case the epidemic spreads widely

Standing Deputy Minister of Health - Nguyen Thanh Long has recognized and appreciated the efforts of the Health sector in the prevention of the epidemic and the fulfillment of assigned tasks. However, Vietnam has just had initial success, the task of preventing the epidemic will continue.

He asked all medical facilities to enhance training to improve patient care and treatment skills because the Covid-19 epidemic is easily spread and difficult to treat. All facilities have to be proactive in preparing in case the epidemic spreads widely. There is no immediate cure for the epidemic but the treatment regimen is constantly updated by the Ministry of Health.

The medical facilities are most easily infected with the epidemic. If there is one case of infection, the whole medical facility will be blocked. Therefore, the medical facilities have to strictly implement the process of medical examination and treatment. Departments of Health of provinces and cities should strengthen inspection of public and non-public medical facilities as well as handling of violations./.

By Staff writers - Translated by Pham Ngan